The left, the right and the centre.

Mimmo Lucano, guest of ARCI Crotone for a debate on immigration, contested by a little group of militants of the ultra-right party "Forza Nuova". Domenico "Mimmo" Lucano, is one of the most important italian figures who fight to welcome and to integrate refugees. Mayor of Riace (Calabria), was arrested with the accusation of abetting illegal immigration and released in October.


Litter and pieces of reinforced concrete on the protected marine reserve of Capo Rizzuto (Crotone - Italy)

Gabriele Donnini - Tattoo Artist - Rome

Gabriele Donnini - Tattoo Artist

Madonna di Capocolonna - Crotone

Night pilgrimage of the faithful, a sign of devotion at the Madonna di Capo Colonna (Crotone) Pellegrinaggio notturno dei fedeli in segno di devozione alla Madonna di Capo Colonna (Crotone)

Protest against isolation - Crotone

In the last years in Crotone (Italy) the situation of public transport evolving in something really drammatic: No train lines, No flying lines, No highways.